Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Radio Sweetheart" and "Electric Warrior" for jaycemumford

These are for jaycemumford in trade for this beautiful custom built Pine and Spruce, double-bound, chambered, and f-holed body:
"Radio Sweetheart" a Les Lius clone with a clean high headroom boost that is switchable to be on the input or output of the Les Lius.  Top toggles are for the "Shape" control and "Gain Boost" which also lights the beacon at the top of the radio tower when engaged!  Advancing squadrons of bombers are my only addition to the otherwise perfect artwork by Fabien.

"Electric Warrior" is a NPN Rangemaster clone with mojo parts like ERO axial electrolytics, Sozo axial input and output capacitors, and a beautiful black glass OC139 germanium transistor.  Artwork also by Fabien, pinholes light up violet on the musical notes when the effect is engaged.

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