Friday, May 9, 2014

10 Control Multiplex for B Morgan

I sold a fuzz pedal on Reverb to see how it compared to selling on ebay and was really happy with the experience.  Not long after I had another Reverb user contact me for this custom Multiplex-based build.  Did the transaction for the custom order through Reverb and am pretty happy with the process, seems like a nice way to go for custom orders not on the offset guitars forum.  Specs are:

Trails Bypass
Adjustable Slam Control
Adjustable Ramp up/Down Controls
Effects Loop on the Repeats with 100% Wet/Dry Blend Control
Delay2 control split into two controls, Delay2 and Delay3 and made footswitchable with corresponding switching LED's that are dim in bypass and brighter in delay mode when the delay is switched on and off.  Neato.  Youtube clip shows it with my the Razzle Dazzle in the FX loop.

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  1. More than anyone could wish for. Beautiful.