Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DOD FX90 with some practical mods

I picked this one up and gave it a little cleanup and care, looking to turn it around.  It is the first version and the QC sticker is dated '84.  I socketed the MN3005, and used it to verify a bunch of MN3005's and 3008's I have picked up recently. Works good, looks good too.  I put in a Lumberg style DC jack, regular center pin negative, to make it more pedalboard friendly.  I'm not a big fan of the 1/8" positive tip power jack DOD pedals come with.  When I did this I took out the battery strap so the battery compartment could house a double delay daughterboard, and I have one set up for MN3008's that I was able to get sounding pretty good in place of a single MN3005 with a variety of the 3008's I have on hand.  It has the battery door, and the pots are good too.  Not easy to find long pin W100k knurled shaft replacements like these use.  I'm thinking $90/shipped in the US, or $50 without the MN3005.


  1. You still got the 1984 FX90? I messaged you on REVERB as well. Thanks

  2. I sent you my contact info on Reverb. Thanks