Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"The Bends MkII" Tonebender MkII Semi-Clone

When I ordered the last batch of Phase 45 boards for my delay pedals I got some of these charge-pumped Tonebender MKII boards thrown in too.  They are pretty neat, the on board charge pump supplies the -9vdc for the PNP transistors.  I had some time to straighten up the shop this weekend and organize the catch all parts bins, it turns out I had everything I needed to make a pedal in there including a repurposed enclosure.  For sake of reliability it has a new set of Switchcraft jacks, DC jack, and stomp switch.  The transistors are a 2n404 in Q1, silicon PNP 2n2907 in Q2, and a black glass 2n280 in Q3. 

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